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All about Hemp. Hemp the plant, Hemp the legalities, Hemp the issue, Hemp the building material, Hemp the answer to so many problems.

Hemp Oil healing at the Yiza Ekhaya Spa

On Mandela Day, Tony Budden and the Hemporium team went to Yiza Ekhaya and made smoothies containing Hemp oil and Hemp seeds for the children. They donated Cold Pressed Hemp Oil, Hemp Seeds, Hemp Seed Protein Powder, Hemp Body Miracle Oil and Hemp Hand and Body Lotion to Yiza Ekhaya so that Mickey could supplement the children’s food and use… Read more →

The Grass is Greener

Intombi Pictures and Hemporium present more reasons to support the hemp cause, with support from Muna Lakhani from Earth-Life Africa, Dr Jane Goodall of the Goodall Institute, Duncan Parker of Hemporium; Sunshine Blouw of the CSIR, Zolani Mahola from FreshlyGround, Baaba Maal.

The global benefits of Hemp

Tony Budden of Hemporium talks about the environmental, nutritional, industrial, social and spiritual benefits of using hemp to provide us with almost all of our everyday products. These range from biodegradable plastics, non toxic detergents, composites that are stronger than steel yet lighter, finest quality paper, foods, textiles and many more.

He explains how the crop is a natural pest deterrent and requires no pesticides and very little fertilizer and touches on the fascinating history of the plant revealing many important truths of our day. A must see for people who care about the planet and want to live as harmlessly as possible!