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We’re rebuilding Yiza Ekhaya from Hemp. Follow our progress here.

Yiza Ekhaya’s already using the Hemp Building

At the end of September we put out a call for volunteers to help us build Yiza Ekhaya. What we lacked in terms of funds we made up for in terms of goodwill. People have come from all over Cape Town to dedicate their time to a worthy cause and to learn about Hemp as a building material in the… Read more →

Hemp Building Work Party

Volunteers at the hemp work party
volunteers at work

volunteers building with hemp
volunteers mixing hemp
Hemp wood chips

YIza Ekhaya Team

packing hemp walls

yiza ekhaya children

On the 19th September 2015, a mixed bunch of inspired Cape Town locals came to join us and help build the Soup Kitchen from Hemp. We had people from Mamelani, Greenpeace Cape Town, and a wholesome mix of great individuals, all keen to lend a hand and try their hand at building with Hemp.

We mixed the Hempcrete and packed it down into the walls. Loads of work got done. The day was described as inspiring, dusty, amazing and exhilirating.

A huge THANK YOU to all the people who came and gave their time to Yiza Ekhaya and the kids! Thank you.

Building Plans

So this is the big project on paper. Have a look at what we are planning to do. So far we have raised funds for the building but not the roof garden. We are building over what used to be a productive veggie garden which was an important source of food which is why we want to put the garden… Read more →