Yiza Ekhaya’s already using the Hemp Building

At the end of September we put out a call for volunteers to help us build Yiza Ekhaya. What we lacked in terms of funds we made up for in terms of goodwill.

People have come from all over Cape Town to dedicate their time to a worthy cause and to learn about Hemp as a building material in the process. We have had visits from many interested parties including architects, students from various disciplines as well as people who simply believe in Hemp, alternative building and the goodness of community and Mickey’s work in hers.

Jon & Anne

Anne and Johnathan, our main funders from the Adele Dreichmeier Trust, came to visit the site and see our progress. When we got to the site, we found the half complete building already in use. The children had been brought together as part of a creativity workshop part sponsored by Balu.

This building has not even been completed and it is already being used for such beautiful work. A huge Thank you to all the volunteers and supporters of this project.  Anyone wanting to get involved can find up to date  information of events happening at Yiza on our facebook page.