Yiza Ekhaya and GreenHome

catherine from GreenHome and Yiza

GreenHome is a company that sells biodegradable food packaging. It was started by Catherine Morris in 2007. The relationship with Mickey at Yiza Ekhaya began in in 2011 when they started making a monthly donation in support of the work Mickey was doing. GreenHome also volunteered time and helped Mickey setup a vegetable garden so that she could grow some vegetables to add to the meals she was providing.

Every time Catherine went to Yiza Ekhaya, she was blown away at how one person could do so much good with so little.  She couldn’t believe no one knew about it and kept thinking “One day someone is going to see this project and its value and they are going to help.”

Overtime, the project got bits of exposure here and there, mostly through the GreenHome Blog and regular Newsletter to their community. At one of the events where GreenHome was helping in the soup kitchen garden, Mickey told Catherine she had been asked to move her building and she didn’t know how she was going to do that. It was then that Catherine decided “I’m going to help.”

She took the problem to the GreenHome team and they discussed ways that they could raise funding to build Mickey a building that complied with health and safety regulations and supported her in her clearly valuable work. The idea came up that because GreenHome was all about using natural and environmentally friendly resources, it would be a amazing to rebuild Mickey’s soup kitchen from plant based raw materials.

Catherine, the GreenHome team, and their vast network of supporters, clients and friends have been responsible for visioning the project, raising the funds needed, gathering volunteers and support and being present on the building site actually packing the Hemp into the walls.